The Truth About Everything

The Truth About Everything by Bridget Farr

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So excited to participate in the Book Tour of The Truth About Everything by Bridget Farr, where I will give my review and my favourite quotes.
You can follow the tour in the link at the end of the post.

Genre: Young Adult Contemporary
Publishing Date: October 11, 2022


Gut a fish. Rewire a truck. Survive the collapse of the US government. All lessons fifteen-year-old Lark has learned during “homeschool” with her conspiracy-theorist-Doomsday-prepping parents. If only she’d also learned the fundamentals of human biology or even how to read. When Lark gets her first period and realizes how much she doesn’t know, she ignores her fears of everything outside their rural Montana farm and secretly attends school for the first time.

At high school, Lark discovers the world is very different than she has been told, from the basics of the internet to government takeovers that never happened. Lark uncovers the holes in her parents’ beliefs and realizes that she must decide her own truth. But it won’t come without sacrifices.

Content Warning: 2020 political topics, pandemic topics, anti-vaccine opinions

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New Dragon City

New Dragon City

Hi everyone!

Today I’m going to talk about New Dragon City, give you the top 5 reasons why you should read it, my review and also my favorite quotes.
It’s with great enthusiasm that I’m participating in this Book Tour and you can follow it in the following link:


Set off on a high-stakes, action-packed adventure in this story about friendship, survival, and fighting for ones you love, perfect for fans of Wings of Fire and How to Train Your Dragon

No one predicted the dragon apocalypse. The dragons came suddenly and decimated the world as we knew it, including New York City. Now, three years later, Noah, his hardcore survivalist father, and a ragtag group of survivors are barely scraping by in this new reality. Kids scavenge not only for materials in abandoned homes but also for leftover books at the library. Adults spend their time establishing a make-shift society and defending their shelter… with any means available. At least for the few months the dragons are hibernating, until it’s no longer safe aboveground.

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Short Stories Review

Unmistakable Inseparable


She does not always look through rose-colored glasses, but suddenly she is, and love overcomes everything. Love, that is the little word that tries to capture this wonderful attraction to another person. In this book ten couples describe how they found their love and why this one person is the one they want to spend the rest of their lives with. Despite its rough edges, or perhaps because of them, they show that love can overcome boundaries and give the strength to get through difficult times together.

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Dreams of Fire by Christian Cura


Meet Kara Hartman, a young painter living and working in D.C. She would love to let you believe she is just an ordinary young woman with a dream of sharing her art with the world. But she is hiding an astonishing secret: Kara can wield magic, the most powerful force in the universe. Traumatized by the loss of her brother, she wants nothing more to do with magic. But when an old foe resurfaces, hellbent on destroying all that she loves, Kara has no choice but to embrace the only power that can stop her.

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Blog Tour | Girl on the Ferris Wheel

Hey book lovers! Welcome to this post, a Blog Tour with the book “Girl on the Ferris Wheel” hosted by Xpresso Book Tours.

Today is the last day of the tour and here you can see a interview with Julie Halpern, one of the authors. Meet Julie and get to know her and all the journey made while writing this book.

Here’s all the schedule of the tour if you are curious (you can also see it here).

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January 12th
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January 13th
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January 14th
Adventures in Writing >>  Excerpt
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January 15th
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Book details


Girl on the Ferris Wheel

by Julie Halpern, Len Vlahos
Published by: Feiwel & Friends
Publication date: January 12th 2021
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Young Adult

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Blog Tour | Hold Back the Tide by Melinda Salisbury

Hey book lovers! 
Today is the last day of the Blog Tour of Hold back the Tide. See the others post and the tour schedule here

Here’s my review of this book and a playlist I think it matches. Enjoy and tell me your opinion!


From internationally bestselling, acclaimed author Melinda Salisbury comes a darkly seductive story of murder, betrayal, love, and family secrets in a small town in the Scottish Highlands.

Here are the rules of living with a murderer.

One: Do not draw attention to yourself.

Of course, when you live with a murderer, this is impossible. Even the subtlest of spectres is bound to be noticed. Which leads to the next rule.

Two: If you can’t be invisible, be useful.

Everyone in this quiet lakeside community knows that Alva’s father killed her mother, all those years ago. There wasn’t enough proof to arrest him, though, and with no other family, Alva’s been forced to live with her mother’s murderer, doing her best to survive until she can earn enough money to run away.Read More »

The Billionaire Romances a Star by Kyra Radcliff


Olivia Barrington lives a life most women dream of. The beautiful movie star has fame, fortune, and looks to die for. But when she takes on a role in a new television drama, she finds herself surrounded by jealous divas, network execs, and petty writers… and they’re all expecting her to fail. Then she meets handsome but mysterious media mogul Leonard Webb. A billionaire investor with a reputation for breaking hearts, Leonard demands Olivia accompany him to dinner, where he reveals he’s bet his entire career on her giving the performance of a lifetime. Read More »

Identity by Alexandra Bayer


Naya hasn’t had the best first year of university – her boyfriend broke up with her, leaving her friendless and pining after him. That is, until she meets Brynn one day at the gym. Brynn is cool and beautiful, and new to the city. Naya is her first friend here. But when Brynn actually turns out to be the famous actress Aviva Jersey in disguise, Naya must decide how much of their friendship is real and how much was just an act. And the longer Naya spends around Aviva, the more of the spotlight she begins to see. But haven’t you heard? Fame doesn’t always equal happiness, and the spotlight comes at a price. 

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Good Antifreeze by Vadius Wilburn


He can never sleep. He spends each night, wide awake, wandering his neighborhood—reliving a traumatizing moment from years prior. And why does he always carry a gun on him?

In this first story of the GOOD ANTIFREEZE collection, our narrator details his current psychological state—and his complete lack of faith in not only the world, but the universe generally. His despair echoes all the way to his very core. In the midnight Arizona desert, he recounts a haunting experience, and one to which he attributes his own ‘psychological obliteration’. Therein arises his conviction that the entire universe has been created for his suffering.Read More »